Open Source Development
Environment in the Cloud

A flexible, managed development environment
for growing development groups of any size.

Version Control Hosting
Subversion (SVN) & Git hosting

Bug & Issue Tracking
Hosted & integrated Redmine gives you insight into critical issues

Connect & Collaborate
Project planning, roadmapping tools, wikis & discussion forums

Continuous Delivery
Deploy to any infrastructure with Jenkins continuous integration, Nexus artifact management & Sonar code quality analysis

Reliable, Secure & Available
99% uptime, daily backups with snapshots saved for 8 days, and rock solid global hosting

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With integrated tools in the cloud, you can deliver better code, faster.

Stop managing complex integrations and start delivering new features to your customers today. Get all the tools a great development team needs with support for continuous integration & continuous deployment to any infrastructure.


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99% uptime & daily backups saved for the last 8 days.


Most Popular Plan
Core Tools More Tools Pro Tools Enterprise
Essential package for cloud-baseddevelement shops Project management & cloud-based development for teams Everything plus aprivate domain for larger groups Large-scale custom deploymentsat any scale
$25/mo $100/mo $250/mo ask
10 users & 5GB Storage 25GB Storage & 20 users 25GB Storage & 60 users Custom
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The Essentials…√Version Control via Git & SVN

√Issue Tracking via Redmine

√Continuous Integration via Jenkins

√Wiki via Redmine

√Discussion Forums via Redmine

√Time Tracking via Redmine

√Online support (48 hr response)


Core Tools Plus…√Artifact Management via Nexus

√Code Quality Analysis via Sonar

√LDAP User Management

√Online support (24 hr response)


Pro Tools Plus…√Fixed IP Address

√Custom Domain Name

√Online support (12 hr response)

The ToolsCloud solution can accomodate to a large number of teams and projects. Our service can support customized, dedicated environments accesible only from the customer network to provide the highest levels of security, flexibility and the support required for the most demanding situations.We work with our enterprise clients to better understand the specifics and requirements and then provide and deploy specific solutions to fit the requirements.

Contact enterprise sales for more information.

Don’t see a plan that fits?
ToolboxOur solution can be customized to fit your needs from a budget an technology perspective. Reach out to us and we’ll work to craft a program specifically for you.

Solution Overview

Watch a video overview of the available tools within the ToolsCloud platform and get a sense of how it can be applied to your organization.

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